The Travel Duo in Thailand

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Thailand, Land of Spices and Home of Muay Thai and Pad Thai…at least as far as I know. Formerly known as Siam, located in Mainland Southeast Asia, bordered to Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. It’s the 51st largest country and one of the most popular country to visit for travel and adventure. The primary language is Thai and religion is Buddhism. The major leading sectors of economy are manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism and they are generally happy with their life.

I always like to start with some general information, then slowly talk about our travels, so we can all learn something about the country.


We left Manila to go to Bangkok, Tuesday, October 13 at 6:35am via Cebu Pacific Airline, round trip for around $200.  Not a bad deal. We booked 1 month earlier. We arrived at Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 08:55am.  My Thai friend was supposed to pick us up in the airport but for some reason we didn’t have a way to contact him. We were hoping he will be there in the airport after I gave him the flight details the night before our flight. We decided to go straight to my friend’s house. However, we got caught up with the immigration because when they ask us to give the Hotel address and contact number, we couldnt provide any. We said we’re going to stay at a friend’s house but the person from the immigration was strict and wont listen to us. He said we need to book an accommodation. Luckily, The lady (not sure if she’s a lady or ladyboy) from the help desk told us to tell the immigration person that we’re booked in “Novotel” (a hotel near the airport). She said they’re not gonna call the hotel to confirm a booking.

Travel temple
Bangkok temples travel

So we did and finally Immigration allowed us to go.  TIP: Whenever you get caught up with this problem just give random hotel names within the area. Anyhow, By the time we left the airport, we finally got reach with our Thai friend on the phone, apparently he thought we were arriving the next day. He gave us his address then we took Uber to his house. It was a long 1 hour travel from the Airport to our friend’s house (his house is near the floating market) We can’t explain our excitement for this is our first time to travel out of the country together. Such an amazing feeling! Then the idea of making The Travel Duo blog begins…this is where we decided to take this travel seriously, and make the best out of our trip and broaden our horizon.

When we arrived at my friend’s house, We were welcomed by his family like old friends. They served homemade Pad Thai and other Thai dishes. Ahh I can still recall how good the food taste like.

After the meal, We tour around Bangkok, Visited some of the famous Buddhist Temples. We love Temple hopping and in Bangkok, you’ll find it in every street! Such a magnificent architecture!

After the temple hopping, we went to this lake nearby to relax for a bit and fed the fishes in the lake.

From the majestic temples and lake, we went straight to the city and did some shopping! Everything is so cheap! From clothes to gadgets to food! We bought some go pro accessories and clothes for a pretty decent price.

What really amazed us was the milk tea, we had matcha latte and we have to say that was the best milk tea we’ve tasted so far.

After some shopping, We went to Siam Paragon Mall to eat.  It’s one of the high end malls that is located center of Bangkok. The dinner was really good, we had crab curry, tom yum soup, khao pad fried rice, fish, and calamari. The food were more than just satisfying, it was revelation…a revelation that Thai cuisine is our new favorite.

After the dinner we head to our friend’s other house and took some pictures of skyscraper from the top floor of his condo. After a while we decided to head back to the house and waited for the clock strikes midnight and celebrate Cristal’s birthday.

Happy Birthday!

We left Bangkok at around 3am and fly to Phuket via Air Asia.We arrived at Phuket on Wednesday, October 14 at 7:10AM. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Prior to our trip to Thailand, we have pre-booked our land and ferry transfer from Phuket airport to Phi Phi Island. All these transfers made possible by Air Asia. It’s so convenient! Go check Air Asia website for schedule of trips and transfers.

The Phi Phi Islands are in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the west Strait of Malacca coast of the mainland. The islands are administratively part of Krabi province.

From Rassada Pier, we rode a ferry to Phi Phi Island. It took us 2 hours to reach the island. The ferry is pretty decent. It was air-conditioned, seats are comfortable, and restrooms are clean. Overall, the ride was smooth and experience was great.

We arrived in Phi Phi island at 1pm.

Upon arrival, first thing we did was to pick the right hotel for us. There are many hotels and accommodations to chose from. The range was between 1000-5000 Baht. Personally, we wanted to stay in a quiet and secluded area as much as possible and with the help of the locals from the tourism desk, we got what we asked for.

We stayed in Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort, the newest hotel in the island. This place is wow! It has the perfect view of the ocean. When we arrived to our room we were happy with the place, completely private located almost at the end of the Phi Phi island. The room is spacious and stylish. We couldn’t wait to go to Maya Bay! After watching the movie “The Beach”, we just couldn’t stop thinking about going there. So we went out and look for a boat ride to the tiny island.

The boat schedule going to Maya beach is from 8am-11am and the next one is from 2pm -5pm. But if you have extra cash, you can get a private boat and tour around Maya bay anytime you want.

It was 4pm when we rented our own boat to Maya Bay. We took a chance of going there even though some of the locals were insisting not go because of lowtide. Also, we might not be able to enjoy the place since the sun is about to set. But we went anyway. We were able to witness the majestic sunset in Maya Bay and it was the best sunset we’ve ever seen. It was so magical it brought us to tears.


We parked the boat middle of the ocean (cos it’s lowtide) and we walked towards the beach, this is without a doubt the most beautiful beach we ever step our foot on; everybody was leaving the beach and we’re the only ones left in the island…like it was a gift from God to us. Maya bay is amazing! We are blessed! We had the beach for ourselves. We recommend you guys to go during this time where there are no people around, because usually it horde with tourist, try to create your private trip by analyzing the time and working hours of the tour.

The sun was going down and  it was time for us to leave, there are no lights what so ever, so it was critical to head back to the Phi Phi island before the low tide stops the boat completely from leaving the beach. We decided to go back to this beach the next day by arranging time with the boat owner. We promise to meet around 5am, near the bay area, so we can have the beach on our own again.


When we arrived, we paid the boat owner 1000 Baht for the ride, and made another deal for the next day.. We went back to the hotel and rest for an hour before heading out to eat dinner. We decided to swim and relax at the infinity pool area of the hotel. The water from the infinity pool was nice and warm. Totally relaxing.

We walk around Phi Phi Island in search for food. We passed by this yummy looking giant street pizza which we ate while walking. On our way, we saw a Muay Thai boxing fight place/Restaurant and decided to watch a fight while we eat. We had Chicken Cordon Bleu and Green spicy curry. We have to say anything we order here in Thailand never cease to amaze our taste buds.

We walk around little more witness some fire show, hand poke tattoo, and many more foods. All this made our evening delightful with a beer. We went back home around 11pm and slept.


The following morning, we went to Maya Bay. The sunrise was so beautiful. Hands down one of the most spectacular sunrise we’ve ever encountered. When we arrived to the beach we had more time to go around this time, we swam with the fishes, went adventure hike in the island and took lots of picture before the other tourist arrives. We had such a wonderful time! We strongly recommend you guys to visit this island if you visit Thailand, such a champion beach with magnificent formation of the rocks.

 Phi Phi Island sunrise




When we head back to the room we had our continental breakfast at the hotel, the meal was okay. Toast, pad thai, fried chicken, eggs and bacon, jelly, peanut butter, and cereals were the dish on a buffet style. After the meal, we swam again at the pool.

Before leaving the island, we ate lobster for lunch. It was the first time trying this over price dish so we were excited. It tasted like shrimp but with tougher texture and chewier. After the meal we went for a little shopping got ourselves some shirts and pants. The Red Bull Thailand couple shirts was pretty nice pick for 100 baht each.

Overall the trip was incredible, we got the best out of every moment which is the most important thing from travel to life. Visiting Thailand was an amazing experience from food, architecture, to culture. They have an authentic rich culture embed in their lifestyle. Visiting the Phi Phi island was a memorable one. Thailand is definitely a must visit destination. Better include this to your bucket list!

I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know it’s not some place you can look for. Because it’s not where you go. It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something. And if you find that moment… It lasts forever.

Alex Garland, The Beach



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